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The Q-Line Family of Products

Q-COAT UC™ is a high performance 2-component acrylic - polyester polyurethane coating specifically formulated for metal surfaces and many plastic surfaces. Q-COAT UC™ is formulated with the highest performance acrylic resins, polyester resins, pigments, additives and solvents to assure the most durable and affordable product available to the industry. Q-COAT UC™ is an Environmentally Friendly product that is low in HAP’s – hazardous air pollutants and low in VOC’s – volatile organic compounds.

Q-COAT TC™ is a transparent coating used in the manufacture of plastic backlit signage. Q-COAT TC™ is a combination of high performance acrylic resins, pigments, special solvents and additives to assure maximum non-mottling spray application and long-term product performance. Q-COAT TC ™ is available in conventional VOC or Environmentally Friendly formulations that are low in HAP’s – hazardous air pollutants and low in VOC – volatile organic compounds.

Q-COAT DC™ is a single component coating designed to meet the requirements of painting solvent sensitive foams, plastics and rigid PVC type materials. Q-COAT DC™ provides fast air-dry times, ease of spray application along with mar and scratch resistance.

Q-COAT AC™ is a one-component fast air dry coating. This product is ideal for touch up kits (no pot life issues) and repainting metal signage in the field by brush or spray application.

Q-CROM™ products allow the spray application of chrome like appearance coatings for backlit plastic translucent. When compared to conventional vacuum metalized procedures, these products are much more affordable and provide long color durability.

Q-MASK™ products offer a variety of water-based strippable masking. Applications include the decoration of plastic signage, spray booth wall protection and spray booth lighting lens protection. Q-MASK™ products are 0% VOC’s and 0% in HAPS - hazardous air pollutants.

Q-PRIM™ Primers consist of several primer systems for application on aluminum, steel, plastics, fiberglass, vinyls and other difficult to paint surfaces. Low in VOC’s and HAPS these primers meet the needs of today's industry.

Q-SOLV™ Specialty reducers provide a wide range of choices based on temperature, relative humidity and job size. Our Q-SOLV line also includes a full line of pre-cleaners for lowering VOC and carbon footprint emissions.